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casual invite

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I went to see The Pixies on the Tromp le Monde tour and only had enough money for a bumper sticker. A few days later I was in my house and this homeless guy pushing a shopping cart walked by. He was wearing a brand new Pixies t shirt from the Tromp le Monde tour. I ran upstairs and grabbed a ton of old clothes I didn't wear anymore and traded him across for the shirt. I still have it today, although it has a could holes in it.
Hey! This is really random and has abosultey nothing to do with your entry but I was looking at who else had Bobby Darin as an interest and I was so phsyched that there was someone else! :) haha
damn I just wanted to say nice background and add me to your homiez list cuz pixies and radiohead and the smiths really fucking rule peace
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